Forget about websites. A single page is all you need.

Make your visitors happy, focus on the essentials. Stay lean, resist bloat!

Short preview of how to create a page like a pro in Siddler πŸ‘†

Build and launch your landing page, digital identity, micro site, or event page – Without losing time, money or your sanity.

Siddler is different from the frustrating page builders you're used to, with an unmatched user interface that just makes sense and won't drive you nuts.

Who's it for?


Need to a launch a landing page quickly or just test out a new idea? Siddler is for you.


Launching your new killer product soon? You need a page to tell the world about it.

Small businesses

Ditch that complicated website that no one has time to update. Go with one page.

Social media peeps

Stand out from the crowd, throw away your dull link-in-bio page. Siddler's for you.

Why should I use it?

Worry-free design

Don't worry about margins, colors and typography. Just focus on content, Siddler handles the rest.

Custom domain

Your own subdomain by default. Hook up a custom domain if you need, with https baked-in.

Swift page loads

Siddler is edge-hosted, meaning pages are served physically close to the visitor. The result is = fast.

Starting points

Uninspired or don't want to start from scratch? Pick one of the carefully crafted starting points to get going.

Siddler let's you publish individual pages. So if complicated website builders are your thing, this might not be for you.

But if you're looking for something simple, that lets you launch a page under the hour – you're in for a treat.

What people are saying

Happy users love the no-fuzz approach

I have never written a single code in my life and the site I made with Siddler looks like it’s been made by a pro! I highly recommend Siddler to anyone who needs help doing a landing page.

Christin Olsson

Social media marketer

 I was always wondering why building a landing page still is such a pain. Most of the existing solutions never really made me happy, they were usually bloated with too many features and slow. But as of now, I really enjoyed working with Siddler!

Matthias Gabriel

Yoga entrepreneur

This is awesome - I love how you stripped away so much of the unnecessary complexity!! Really makes it super simple to stand up an single page website in no time.


Reddit user

What you'll get

Flexibility with guidance

Siddler takes care of things that normally requires a designer's eye to get right, like margins, color-matching and typography.

No settings overload, only basic stuff. A few straightforward fine-tuned options will take you far – without feeling limited.

the invisible UI

A simple user interface you won't have to fight

Siddler helps you and stays out of your way at the same time. No complicated forms or dreadful UI/UX.

The site you build is the interface – The world's most elegant What-you-see-is-what-you-get editor.

What else makes Siddler awesome?


Every page needs a mobile version. No worries, your page will be ready and optimized for mobile out-of-the-box.

Magic color handling

Color matching is hard. Use our carefully selected default colors, or BYO, and Siddler will do the rest.

Unsplash baked-in

Unsplash – "The internet’s source of freely-usable images" – is integrated right into Siddler

Awesome backgrounds

Background colors in different shades, images, gradients, and patterns – All crafted to blend in perfectly together.

Nifty version history

All published versions are saved, so you can easily revert back to and old version whenever you need to.

Unobtrusive analytics

Use Google Analytics. Or – Soon you'll be able to utilize Siddler's own analytics - cookie-free and privacy focused.

Starting points

Give your page a flying start

Hit the ground running with one of the beautifully designed starting points. Pick one and use it for your own page, or browse them as inspiration for what's possible.

More starting points will be added continuously. Can't find what you're looking for? Feel free to ask for a specific one, and it might be added to the collection for you to use.

Use for free, upgrade for more features

Siddler is free to use, but has a PRO plan with additional features like uploading your own images, advanced blocks (email form and embeds) and custom domain.

The pricing is simple with three different options

  • ​
    $9 / month
  • ​
    $25 / quarter
  • ​
    $89 / year

Stay in the loop, get notified about updates

No spam or annoying stuff, just a brief newsletter every now and then.

You made it πŸ”₯

Wasn't that convenient with just one single page?

Now, make one yourself - create something beatiful and show the world!

No signup required until you're ready to launch.